Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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iStock_000004406801SmallNevada Surgery and Cancer Care is one of the few cancer centers in Las Vegas that surgically treats Inflammatory bowel disease. Inflammatory bowel diseases cause chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the most common types of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Ulcerative colitis causes long-lasting inflammation and ulcers on the innermost lining of the large intestine. Typically, ulcerative colitis appears on the lower part of the colon and rectum, but it can affect the entire colon. Most people are diagnosed with ulcerative colitis before the age of 30. The longer one lives with ulcerative colitis, the greater the risk of colon cancer.

Crohn’s disease is chronic inflammation of the large and small intestines. Crohn’s may affect either separately or both parts of the digestive tract. It can also spread to deeper layers of the affected bowel tissue.

Often times symptoms for both Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis fluctuate between periods of illness and periods of remission. Symptoms of both diseases include diarrhea, fever and fatigue, abdominal pain, cramping, blood in the stool, lack of appetite and weight loss. Ulcerative colitis can be treated medically whereas there is no known cure for Crohn’s disease. A healthy diet is useful in the treatment of both diseases.

Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care is one of the leading Las Vegas cancer centers specializing in robotics surgery. If you have any questions regarding Inflammatory bowel diseases and its surgical treatments, please send us an email through our contact page.

Ulcerative Colitis – There are different types of Ulcerative colitis that occur in different parts of the digestive tract. Ulcerative proctitis is limited to the rectum. Proctosigmoiditis occurs in the rectum and lower part of the colon located above the rectum, the sigmoid colon. Left-sided colitis begins at the rectum and expands as far at the splenic flexure. Pan-ulcerative colitis affects the entire colon. Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care leads cancer centers in Las Vegas, specializing in robotic surgical treatments of these different forms of ulcerative colitis.


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