The da Vinci System

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Si_0102_Dual-Console_&_PC_vc_camera_FluorescenceNevada Surgery and Cancer Care specializes in minimally-invasive robotic surgery, resulting in quick recovery and less pain. The Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care physicians use the da Vinci Surgical System created by leaders in robotic technology, Intuitive Surgical. The da Vinici system provides the surgeon better vision and a greater ability to maneuver with more accuracy through a smaller incision.

How it works:

The Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care surgeon is connected to the da Vinci council, which allows a magnified 3D, high-definition view inside the patient’s body who is positioned on a side cart. The surgeon controls four robotic arms with surgical instrument attachments through the council. One of those arms holds an endoscope, a small camera, allowing the best view for the surgeon. The other arms hold endowrist instruments each with specific surgical tools that mimic the natural movement of the human wrist with an even greater range of motion. The surgeons are in complete control of the endowrist instruments as their arm movements are translated through the council to the attachments, allowing greater dexterity and targeted accuracy.

The Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care surgeons have years of experience with da Vinci system and are the leaders in robotics surgery in Nevada. Just like traditional surgery, there are risks involved with robotics surgery. If you have any questions regarding robotics surgery or the da Vinci System, please call Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care at 702-739-6467.


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