Weight Gain After Hysterectomy

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Some women experience weight gain side effects after a hysterectomy and evidence suggests that women gain more weight from surgical menopause than when entering natural menopause. Although, hormones may have an effect on weight gain post-hysterectomy, the majority of it is associated with diet and exercise.

Directly after surgery, women may find that they have lost weight though this usually comes back post-hysterectomy due to the restricted activity during recovery time. This can be counterbalanced by lowering your caloric intake to a healthy level. Also, robotics surgery has significantly cut down on recovery time allowing women to get back on their feet sooner.

Weight gain side effects after a hysterectomy also differ based on the type of hysterectomy a woman had. Weight gain after a partial hysterectomy may result in restricted blood flow to the pelvic area when the uterus is removed. When there is less blood, there is also a decrease in hormone levels, which affects how your body burns fat.

Weight gain after a full hysterectomy may be attributed to hormone levels dropping since the ovaries, which produce estrogen, are removed. Abdominal fat is commonly attributed to estrogen and androgen imbalances. This may be counteracted with hormone replacement therapy after a hysterectomy.

It is important to talk to your doctor before you commit to specific diets. It is helpful to try to move as much as possible after your surgery, within reason, to help keep off weight. As always, a healthy diet is essential to maintaining a healthy weight. If you have any questions about weight gain after hysterectomy, please send Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care a message through our contact page.

Surgical Menopause- With surgical menopause a woman’s body immediately and drastically stops producing estrogen where when ovaries stop producing eggs with natural menopause, hormone levels gradually decrease. Women who go through surgical menopause may experience more severe side effects than with natural menopause. If you have any questions regarding side effects after a hysterectomy please message NVSCC through our contact page.


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