Sex After A Hysterectomy

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Many women are concerned about sex after a hysterectomy. It is important that women wait six to eight weeks to have sex after a hysterectomy until they are completely healed. Some women may experience some physiological and psychological changes after a hysterectomy, but overall, those changes are positive.

Physiological Changes:

The majority of women find an increase in sexual desire after painful or other gynecologic problems have been removed. Some women may find the fear of pregnancy being removed may result in improved sexual desire as well. Potential risks and side effects regarding sex after a hysterectomy include lubrication, arousal and sensation difficulties.

Psychological Changes:

There is a chance that some women may experience a psychological change in regards to sex after a hysterectomy. At times, women may feel like they are less feminine after a hysterectomy. Premenopausal women before a hysterectomy may connect the loss of their menstruation cycle  to loss of femininity and youthfulness


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