Hysterectomy Recovery Time

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b4983c9093c82f4743151f96e6376cf0The Hysterectomy Association has been conducting research involving hysterectomy recovery time over the past few years and, as a result, new findings have come to the surface.

It is typically thought that six weeks would be an appropriate amount of time off of work for a woman to fully recover when in fact only 13 percent returned to work within this time frame. Over 25 percent of women involved in the study returned to work after 10 weeks. Less than 10 percent of women’s sex lives after a hysterectomy were affected. Over 43 percent of women reported an increase in happiness after a hysterectomy, where 19 percent reported a decrease. Over 75 percent reported that they would do the hysterectomy again. 17 percent said they would not.

Often times an increase in happiness is attributed to less pain where psychological issues, like feeling less feminine, may attribute to a decrease in happiness.

About NVSCC:
Nevada Surgery and Cancer Center specializes in gynecological cancers and minimally-invasive robotic surgical treatments of endometriosis, fibroids, other complex gynecologic conditions as well as colon and rectal health. NVSCC proudly leads the region in gynecologic robotic surgery, helping patients recover quickly and get back to daily life. Our oncologists treat each individual patient’s needs with specialized care and compassion while educating patients throughout treatment to ensure understanding and peace-of-mind. If you have questions regarding life after a hysterectomy or hysterectomy recovery time, please visit our website for more information at nvscc.com or call us at 702-739-6467.


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