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LawsuitLogosPics_risperdal_iStock_man-covering-chest-2Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care specializes in gynecologic oncology, gynecologic surgery, colon and rectal surgery, as well as genetic testing. Although, we would like to provide material for those seeking information on other diseases as well.

Gynecomastia is swelling of the breast tissue in men and boys. Gynecomastia can affect either one or both breasts. It can sometimes affect the breasts unevenly as well. Gynecomastia is usually caused by a change in normal hormone levels although there are other potential reasons. It typically isn’t a serious problem, but it may cause slight pain and some men may also find it  be embarrassing. Gynecomastia can be treated with surgery or medication if it does not go away on its own. It is important to see a gynecomastia surgery specialist in Las Vegas if there is pain, swelling or discharge from the nipple.

Gynecomastia during puberty is common and usually goes away without treatment. At least one in four men between the ages 50 and 80 are affected. Some potential causes for gynecomastia can be prescribed medications, herbal products, street drugs like amphetamines and heroin, or certain health conditions like hyperthyroidism, liver failure and aging.

Some options gynecomastia surgery specialists in Las Vegas may provide are liposuction to remove breast fat, or a mastectomy where the whole breast gland tissue is removed. This is usually done endoscopically, meaning only small incisions are made.

There are several places that perform gynecomastia surgery in Las Vegas. It is important to talk to your doctor about and learn about all your options. If you have any questions regarding gynecomastia, please visit Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care’s website at or call us at 702-739-6467.


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