Alternatives to a Hysterectomy for Uterine Prolapse

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PayPal-Alternatives-660x320A uterine prolapse is where the uterus drops from its normal position and pushes against the vaginal wall. The most common reason for uterine prolapse is childbirth, but aging, pregnancy and obesity may also cause uterine prolapse. A hysterectomy will solve this problem since the uterus is removed. However, women should be aware of alternatives to hysterectomies before making a decision.

A vaginal pessary is a removable device that is supports areas where the prolapse is occurring. There are different types of pessaries for specific situations. Although this will not cure the issue, a vaginal pessary can drastically reduce painful symptoms, sometimes completely alleviate them.

Other alternatives to a hysterectomy for uterine prolapse may include using mesh to repair the organ prolapse although it is thought the risks may outweigh the benefits. Other types of surgery include para vaginal defect repair and repairs of enteroceles, rectoceles, which are hernias of the rectum or the intestine into the vagina. Repairing an anterior prolapse, which is the prolapse of the bladder into the vagina is another option.

About Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care:
NVSCC Las Vegas Cancer Center specializes in gynecological cancers and minimally-invasive robotic surgical treatments of endometriosis, fibroids, other complex gynecologic conditions as well as colon and rectal health. Our oncologists treat each individual patient’s needs with specialized care and compassion while educating patients throughout treatment to ensure understanding and peace-of-mind. Please visit NVSCC’s, a Nevada Cancer Center in Las Vegas, website for more information regarding alternatives to hysterectomy or call us at 702-739-6467.

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