Hysterectomy Complications

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womanpain-1All types of surgery have the potential to lead to complications. The same goes with hysterectomies. Women who are considering having a hysterectomy should be aware of potential hysterectomy complications before making their decision.

It is very rare to have complications with general anesthetic, although it is possible. One in every 10,000 anesthetics given will experience complications. Serious complications include nerve damage and allergic reactions. Death may occur every one out of 100,000 times. A person who is healthy and fit has less chances of anesthetic complications.

Bleeding is another hysterectomy complication that may occur. There is a small risk of hemorrhaging that may occur where a women having surgery may need a blood transfusion.

The ureter is the tube urine is passed through. It is possible that the ureter may be damaged during surgery. This happens about 1 percent of the time but can usually be repaired during the hysterectomy.

In rare cases, damage to abdominal organs such as the bladder or bowel hysterectomy complications can occur, which may lead to problems like infection, incontinence or a frequent need to urinate. It may be possible to repair any damage during the hysterectomy. Patients may need a temporary catheter or colostomy to drain the bowels.

Other hysterectomy complications may include a risk or infection like a wound infection or a urinary tract infection, which can typically be treated with antibiotics.

Please contact NVSCC, a Las Vegas cancer center, if you have any questions regarding hysterectomy complications. You can either reach the Nevada Surgery and Cancer Center through our contact page or call us at 702-739-6467.

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