Preparing Yourself for a Hysterectomy

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Be-Prepared-257x300Having a hysterectomy can be an emotional event in women’s lives. Preparing yourself mentally and having a support system can help you through these tough times with a healthy, positive attitude. Some women may be fearful of hysterectomy complications Others may struggle with the loss of fertility. Having anxiety is a completely normal experience but being able to manage your worries will be beneficial in lowering stress, which is linked to a faster hysterectomy recovery time. Take a look at these tips that will help manage your anxiety and worries before and after a hysterectomy.

Know why you are having the surgery. Having a hysterectomy is usually due to serious medical reasons such as unbearable pain or cancer. Whenever you are feeling negative about having the surgery, remember the medical benefit that will come after. Your quality of life is typically improved. It might even save your life.

If you are nervous about complications, know the facts. Know the potential affects a hysterectomy may have on your body and mind. The better prepared you are, the chances are you will be more comfortable with the surgery.

Stay close to your family and friends during this time. There are also hysterectomy support groups with other women going through the same thing. Having a close support group will help prepare you for your surgery. Learning relaxation tools is another great way to help with anxiety.

If you have any questions regarding hysterectomies or hysterectomy recovery time, send NVSCC, a cancer center in Nevada, please send us a message through our contact page.


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