Ways to Speed up Hysterectomy Recovery Time Part one

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iStock_000011780441Small12Hysterectomy recovery is much faster today than it used to be due to medical advances, but there are still some things you can do to help speed up the process. Take a look at these tips to a speedy recovery.

Start Moving:
The sooner you walk around the less chance you have or developing blood clots in your legs. This is known as deep vein thrombosis, which can lead to even more dangerous complications. Moving does not mean strenuous exercise. Make sure you get your doctor’s approval before you start to move. Depending on what type of hysterectomy surgery you will have, your doctor will let you know how much and what kinds of physical activity are appropriate for your situation.

Avoid Heavy Lifting:
Although moving is very important, women who are in recovery after a hysterectomy should avoid heavy lifting. Lifting can put pressure and stress on the incision area. Do not lift anything heavier than 10 pounds for at least a month.

Be Diligent Taking Care of Your Incision:
Follow your doctor’s instructions and discharge guidelines. It is most likely he or she would recommend you keep the incision area dry and also clean by washing it daily with soap and water. Always look out for signs of infection like swelling and redness.

About Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care:
NVSCC is a cancer center in Las Vegas that specializes in robotic surgery. Please send us a message through our contact page if you have any questions regarding hysterectomy recovery time or call us at 702-739-6467.


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