Ways to Speed up Hysterectomy Recovery Time Part Two

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b4983c9093c82f4743151f96e6376cf0Our previous blog discussed certain ways you can help speed up hysterectomy recovery time by moving, avoiding heavy lifting and properly taking care of the hysterectomy incision. Here are three more ways you can improve the hysterectomy recovery process so you will be back to normal life in no time.

Wait to Have Sex:
The amount of time to wait to have sex can vary depending on what type of hysterectomy surgery you may have. Typically, the recommended time is between six and eight weeks, but it is important to speak to your doctor about what is an appropriate amount of time for your specific situation.

Prevent Constipation:
Constipation can be very uncomfortable, but you don’t want to put any pressure on your abdomen during hysterectomy recovery time. Constipation can often be caused from certain medications prescribed after surgery. This can be avoided with a healthy diet and over-the-counter medications.

Pay Attention to Your Body:
It is good to get active after hysterectomy, but you need to be cautious not to over do it. You should gradually feel better each day while in recovery. If something doesn’t feel right or you are feeling sick, experiencing pain or nausea, this may be a sign of infection. Listen to your body and contact your doctor as soon as something concerns you.

About Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care:
NVSCC is a cancer center in Las Vegas that specializes in robotic surgery. Please send us a message through our contact page if you have any questions regarding hysterectomy recovery time or call us at 702-739-6467.


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