An Ovarian Cancer Patient’s Story

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Elly Mayday is a breakout plus size model— but she endured years of stomach and back pain for her stage three ovarian cancer because she was misdiagnosed. Doctors handed her pain pills that did not help. At the age of 27, she felt inherently wrong, and listened to her gut. Determined to find an answer for the pain, Elly demanded a CT scan, where doctors realized they couldn’t see her left ovary because of a large cyst. Elly was finally correctly diagnosed with a rare form of stage three ovarian cancer.

She was immediately thrown into treatment, including chemotherapy and a hysterectomy. She said, “It didn’t matter if I had a career modeling after this, it just mattered if I survived.” Through the process Elly lost 60 pounds and all her hair. Yet she stayed strong and continued modeling.

Today, Elly is in remission as a proud cancer survivor. She uses her modeling fame to share her experiences so that other women may find strength and camaraderie. Senior medical contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton spoke to ABC, saying, “Ovarian cancer is classically and commonly dismissed, [and is] attributed to being something else.” The most common symptoms of ovarian cancer are subtle, and easy to miss. They include pelvic pain or pressure, increase in how frequently you urinate, and bloating. Women that have endometriosis are at a higher risk. It’s because Elly listened to her gut instinct that she was able to receive the correct diagnosis and the treatment that saved her life.

Here at NVSCC, our focus is on giving the best cancer treatment possible to our patients. Dr. Lynn Kowalski founded the Nevada Surgery and Cancer Center in 2005 and has been serving Las Vegas as a premier doctor for women’s cancer treatment via hysterectomy surgery. She has performed thousands of surgeries over the years and helped many patients on the road to cancer recovery. She encourages patients to follow their gut instincts like Elly. If you or someone you know is in need of a second opinion or is seeking cancer treatment, contact NVSCC by visiting our website or call us at 702-739-6467 to make an appointment today.  

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