Speed Up Your Hysterectomy Healing: Part One

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Hysterectomies look much different today than they did in the past. 40 years ago, surgeons would make a large cut from the bellybutton down to the pelvic area in order to remove the uterus. Today, laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgeries look like a few dots across the stomach. Women benefit from reduced scarring and blood loss, and they also recover much faster.

If you are in need of a hysterectomy, it’s important to research the surgery, but also know your job as a patient to take steps to healing quickly and healthily. Following simple tips lets you heal faster from your hysterectomy.

Get Up and Move- A few hours after your surgery it’s best to get up and take a few steps, even if it’s just to the bathroom. Your blood flow regulates throughout your body and reduces the chance for blood clots in your legs (also known as vein thrombosis) which can be deadly.

Care for Your Incision and Watch for Infection- Follow the hospital discharge instructions and guidelines for recovery. Most likely your doctor will recommend washing the incisions with soap and water and keeping them dry. If you notice signs of infection like swelling, redness, drainage, or have a fever, call your doctor.

Fight Constipation- Drink lots of water and eat fiber to avoid painful pressure in your abdominal area. Staying hydrated will help you recover and get your body back into the normal routine.

To read more tips on how to heal faster from your hysterectomy surgery, visit Part Two of our blog.

Contact the Nevada Surgery and Cancer Center if you are in need of a hysterectomy surgery in Las Vegas. Dr. Lynn Kowalski has performed thousands of hysterectomies in her nearly 20 years in the Las Vegas area, and strongly encourages women to be as educated as possible about their bodies and how they change through the years. For more information on NVSCC’s services, visit our website or call 702-739-6467.

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