Speed Up Your Hysterectomy Healing: Part Two

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You’ve had your hysterectomy and you feel great two weeks later. What’s the big deal if you start running or lifting weights again? Actually, hysterectomy recovery can take up to six to eight weeks. Your body has undergone quite a change, and remembering your limits while you heal is crucial to your longterm health.

By following these tips, you can avoid infection, hernia, and other painful hysterectomy complications. If you missed Part One of our blog on healing from a hysterectomy, click here.

Relax and Get Plenty of the Rest- If your job requires you to be on your feet all day, make sure you take off a few weeks and put that time to good use by resting and healing. Strive for a full eight hours of sleep a night. Your body will feel rejuvenated and you’ll be ready to get back to work.

Avoid Heavy Lifting or Strenuous Exercise- Your doctor will give instructions on how much activity you should do each day until you start feeling back to normal. Avoid heavy lifting (no more than 10 pounds) for at least a month, as the strain can put pressure on your incision. Although you may feel great just one week later, it’s important to remember that you’ve had major surgery and your body needs a bit more time before you settle back into your fitness routine.

Wait Before Getting Intimate- Typical healing time for a hysterectomy surgery is six to eight weeks, so per instructions, avoid tampons and intimacy until your doctor approves. Some bleeding is normal during healing, so use a sanitary pad in the meantime.

You should feel better and better as time progresses. Getting plenty of rest and engaging in only light activity will help you transition safely back into your normal life a few months after the surgery. Should you ever feel pain, nausea, or signs of infection, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Nevada Surgery and Cancer Center is a cancer treatment center in Las Vegas that specializes in robot-assisted surgery for hysterectomies. For information on our services, treatments and recommended healing times for hysterectomy surgery, contact us on our website or by calling 702-739-6467.

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