Vague Signs of Ovarian and Cervical Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

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For women, many vague symptoms of bleeding or cramping are easy to brush off, but these symptoms could be trying to tell you something more serious. While many Americans shrug off ailments, if you’re experiencing these symptoms, be safe rather than sorry and see your Las Vegas gynecologist.

Cleveland Clinic reports the most common (yet vague and challenging) symptoms in women that signify ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers:

Pelvic pain– If you’re having persistent pain in the lower pelvic region or near your hip bones where your ovaries are, it can be a bad sign. Frequent gas, bloating and cramping could be your body telling you that you simply need to change your diet, or that you may have ovarian cancer.

Abnormal bleeding– Have you had consistently heavy periods that are irregular or more than you’re used to? You may want to look into why that is, as it could be endometrial or cervical cancer. Also, see your doctor if you are bleeding after intercourse or between your normal period. If you’re post-menopause and still experience bleeding, it could be a warning of endometrial cancer or cervical cancer. Cleveland Clinic reports that 90 percent of postmenopausal bleedings are harmless, but for the last ten percent, it could be more serious.

Strange weight loss or gain– If you’ve recently gained weight but can’t seem to find a reason for it, it could be tumor growth. Normally large fibroids or tumors grow undiagnosed until they are quite large, so if you notice weight gain in your abdomen only, you may want to see a doctor.

Loss in appetite– Cancer impacts your metabolism, causing you to feel less hungry and lose weight quickly. If you’ve suddenly lost 10 or more pounds unexpectedly, contact your doctor.

It’s easy to get frustrated at painful cramps or weight gain, but don’t brush off these symptoms, especially if you’re feeling a few at the same time. Don’t wait until your next pap smear, call Dr. Lynn Kowalski at NVSCC in Las Vegas for a consultation for possible cancer treatment. At Nevada Surgery and Cancer Center we have a compassionate and skilled team that treats several types of cancer. Here, you can count on a minimally invasive hysterectomy surgery in Las Vegas. For questions and consultations, contact NVSCC on our website or call 702-739-6467.


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