Celebrities with Ovarian and Colorectal Cancers

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audrey hepburn

When overcoming cancer, strength can be found in knowing you’re not alone. Even famous celebrities and personalities have persevered through illness and hardships of cancer.

Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care treats gynecologic and colorectal cancers. Here are a few celebrities who were also diagnosed.

Ovarian Cancer

Kathy Bates: The actress overcame ovarian cancer after her diagnosis in 2003. When she found a tumor in her breast, she promptly had a double mastectomy, determined to be in control of her own health.

Gilda Radner: A comedian actress, Gilda was known for her appearances on the infamous “Saturday Night Live” show. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1986, she went into remission until cancer returned in 1988. She died a year later with husband Gene Wilder by her side.

Coretta Scott King: A civil rights leader and Martin Luther King Junior’s wife, Coretta passed in 2006 after respiratory illness complications from her ovarian cancer. She lived to be 78 years old.

Angelina Jolie: After a blood test that showed she could have early signs of cancer, Angelina took preventative measures by removing her ovaries and fallopian tubes in 2015. Only 39 years of age, she was determined to live a long life to one day meet her grandchildren. She carries the gene mutation that predisposes her to cancer, which also prompted her to have a double mastectomy in 2013 since her mother, grandmother and aunt all died from the disease.

Colon Cancer

Tommy Chong: June of 2015, Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong announced his cancer has come back (in 2012 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer) in the form of rectal cancer. He has been finding relief by smoking medicinal marijuana.

Audrey Hepburn: The beloved actress contracted appendiceal cancer on her small intestine, and in 1992, was told cancer had spread too far for surgery. She was flown home to Switzerland for her last Christmas and died on January 20, 1993, at the age of 63 from appendiceal cancer on her small intestine. Her son Luca became a patron of the Pseudomyxoma Survivor charity which provides support to those with her rare type of cancer.

Ronald Reagan: The United States’s 40th president had two feet of his colon removed due to his colon cancer. He made a full recovery and lived to the impressive age of 93.

Sharon Osbourne: Diagnosed in 2002, TV personality and wife of musician Ozzy Osbourne, fought bravely to beat her cancer. “My work isn’t finished here with my family,” she told People. She underwent surgery and chemotherapy, leading her to be cancer-free since May 2004. “You can go, ‘Why me?’ Or, you fight the cancer and say, ‘You are gone,'” she said.

To begin your cancer treatment in Las Vegas, contact NVSCC for compassionate and professional doctors who specialize in gynecologic and colorectal cancers. Learn more on our website or call the office at 702-739-6467.



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