Post-Hysterectomy Bleeding: How Much is Too Much?

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Some light bleeding after your hysterectomy surgery is normal, but heavy bleeding points to possible complications and should be immediately reported. NVSCC shares best practices for women recovery post-hysterectomy to avoid bleeding and post-procedure pain.

Recognizing the difference

Spotting or light bleeding for four to six weeks during your healing period should be okay though it should lighten up over time as you regain your strength. As older tissues dissolve, the bleeding should be a darker brown color. Bright red colored blood may be a sign of a wound reopening, and you should check with your doctor to schedule a check-up examination.

How to minimize bleeding and stay healthy

Schedule lots of time to rest. After any physical activity like leaving the house for the first time, you may notice the bleeding is heavier than normal, and your pain may return. Try to avoid any sudden or strenuous physical activity, especially in the first two weeks after this major surgery.

Avoid sexual intercourse during your full recovery phase. Your doctor will let you know when it’s okay to begin having sex again, but any earlier than that, and you risk vaginal injury or the inner wound to re-open, possibly causing bleeding, infection, and pain.

Hysterectomy Complications

Don’t doubt the skill of your surgeon, but a badly tied blood vessel occasionally leads to heavy post-hysterectomy bleeding. Sometimes a second surgery to close the wound and re-suture is necessary. In rare cases, vascular abnormalities in patients can also lead to bleeding post-hysterectomy.

Bleeding six weeks after your hysterectomy should be reported to your doctor right away so they can investigate if there is internal tissue damage or other complications.

Caught early, bleeding can be treated and managed with the help of following your doctor’s orders. They may prescribe bed rest and medication.

For more information about hysterectomies and post-procedure bleeding, contact the Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care on our website or call 702-739-6467 for more information.



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