Constipation after Hysterectomy Surgery

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During healing from hysterectomy surgery, many women struggle to find relief in passing stool. Constipation can occur for many reasons, such as a symptom of pain medication, reduced fluid intake, and less mobility as patients are resting most of the days after their surgery. Most of these factors contributing to constipation wane away after a few weeks, but taking precautions and preparing for some constipation will help your body bounce back faster.

Decreasing Constipation

  • Drink plenty of fluids after surgery. Even broths, soups, and smoothies will aid in waking up your digestion to get things moving again.
  • Get up to take short walks to the bathroom and kitchen during your first few days of recovery. The sooner you move, you decrease risks of blood clots and also help your body adjust after the anesthesia used for your surgery. Often, movement like walking helps your bowels get moving, too.
  • Fiber-rich foods like beans, whole grain bread, fruit, veggies and nuts are the best diet after surgery. These foods will not only prevent constipation but give your body essential nutrients needed to heal faster from your surgery.
  • Talk with your doctor about taking fiber supplements or laxatives. These are useful tools for helping constipation, but do make sure your doctor approves a recommended brand or dose.

Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care strives to educate women on the importance of preparing for a hysterectomy both before and after surgery. Specializing in gynecologic cancer treatment with minimally-invasive surgery, NVSCC treats endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian and cervical cancers as well as colon and rectal cancers and conditions. To learn more about our services or make an appointment, contact NVSCC on our website.



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