Are You a Survivor of Breast Cancer? FemiLift Can Help

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iStock_000011780441Small12After undergoing breast cancer treatments, medically-induced menopause causes a drop in estrogen production, leaving the tissues inside the vagina thinner and more dry. Known as vaginal atrophy, this condition results in infection, painful intercourse, lowering of sex drive and itching.

For many women, hormone therapy treatment with estrogen helps them transition gently into menopause. However, estrogen therapy is not available to women in breast cancer remission.

Fortunately, alternative options exist for women that suffer from these uncomfortable symptoms. Creams and other lubricants may help, but need to be used almost daily and do not provide long-term relief and can be costly.

Today, women can rejuvenate tissues of the vagina with an in-office, five-minute procedure called the FemiLift. A painless procedure, FemiLift uses a CO2 laser to create thermal heat for fast collagen growth. FemiLift treats dry and itchy symptoms, as well as tightening the area of the vagina, decreasing urinary incontinence because it stimulates healthy tissue regeneration.

This new procedure is FDA-approved, non-surgical and painless. Not only can the FemiLift restore the vagina to a more youthful age, it can give back confidence and sexual gratification.

For breast cancer survivors, FemiLift is an ideal option for long-term vaginal health. If you are located in southern Nevada, Dr. Kowalski of Las Vegas performs the FemiLift procedure for women interested in improving their vaginal health. To learn more about the quick and easy procedure, visit for more information and to schedule your own consultation to see if you are an ideal candidate for FemiLift vaginal tightening.

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