FemiLift Comes to Las Vegas

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As a woman, dlas vegas sign.jpego you suffer from vaginal dryness or urinary incontinence? Do you have recurring infections or itching? Are you ashamed or afraid to speak up? You are not alone.

Now there’s a non-surgical solution for women that feel pain and self-consciousness about their vaginal area called FemiLift available in Las Vegas.


Who’s a Candidate for FemiLift?

  • Women who’ve given birth and experienced vaginal stretching and distress
  • Women that experience an involuntary loss of urine by coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise
  • Women who’ve been treated for cancer that were pushed into early menopause, where estrogen hormone therapy is not an option
  • Women that experience vaginal dryness, infections and pain during sexual intercourse.

FemiLift Benefits

FemiLift is a simple in-office procedure that provides a safe and simple path to better female health.

  • Treatments typically take 30 minutes
  • There’s no downtime, bleeding or pain
  • Promotes collagen and vaginal mucosa rejuvenation to relieve dryness
  • Collagen tightens the vagina, relieving urinary incontinence problems

How does it work? A CO2 laser, much like the ones doctors use for facial rejuvenation is inserted into the vagina. With thermal energy lasers, the vagina firms, and produces younger and healthier tissues. Three treatments are recommended over the period of a few months, and sexual intercourse is advised against after the first three days of each treatment.

With FemiLift, you can experience a new kind of confidence. Stop worrying about your urinary incontinence or painful infections and reach out for help. Dr. Kowalski is now accepting new patients for the FemiLift in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to speak up. Now FemiLift can help. Learn more here.

Read more about the Las Vegas FemiLift by visiting Comprehensive Cancer Center‘s featured article here.


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