FemiLift is the “Must Have” Procedure of 2016

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confidentwomanFor women who’ve given birth or undergone menopause, FemiLift is the “Mommy Makeover of 2016.” Plastic surgeons are often asked what procedures are most popular and how the trends change over time.

For example, oversized breast implants are in sharp decline. In fact, women asking for breast augmentation are using small busted celebrities as references. “We’re no longer opting to ‘super size’ our French fries or our breast implants,” explains Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Lavinia K. Chong. In 2015, big, puffy lips were all the rage. The infamous Kylie Jenner and her lip injections sparked an obsession to have a pout that rivaled hers or Angelina Jolie’s.

Now, the 2016 trend is beautifying from the inside out. Many doctors are asked about vaginal rejuvenation options, and FemiLift is at the top of the list.

Childbirth and menopause can change the body in irreversible ways— until now. Women that suffer from urinary incontinence, vaginal stretching and recurring infections can become self-conscious and not reach out to their doctor.
Yet FemiLift’s no pain, no downtime procedure makes for an ideal option for women who experience dryness, painful intercourse, or incontinence. After a successful run in the U.K., the F.D.A. has approved FemiLift for the U.S., meaning women can get the help and the relief they deserve to gain normalcy in their daily lives again.

Dr. Kowalski, a gynecological oncologist, recently began performing FemiLift procedures in Las Vegas, Nevada. The procedure is ideal for a variety of women that feel their vagina and its health has altered for worse over time.

To contact Dr. Kowalski for a consultation on FemiLift, visit her website at http://www.drlynnkowalski.com/.


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