A Cancer Diagnosis Can Kickstart Your Dreams

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quincy-jones-cancer-comedian-ellen-degeneres-showIf you were diagnosed with terminal cancer today, what would you do with the time you have left? Sure, we all have a bucket list in the back of our mind of things we’d like to do “someday,” but what if you suddenly realized today had to be the day you started living your dream?

For comedian Quincy Jones, this became a very real circumstance. Diagnosed with a terminal tissue cancer in February, he immediately launched a Kickstarter campaign with the help of his friends to raise $5,000. Jones had always had a dream of having his own hour-long TV special for his stand-up comedy.

First, the Kickstarter campaign exceeds the fundraising goal (the original five thousand dollar goal was smashed with an ultimate donation of over fifty thousand dollars from 1,200 people), and then Ellen Degeneres stepped in. Ellen took charge of asking both HBO and Netflix to film the hour-long special and air it. HBO confirmed that Ellen “sparked” the decision. Quincy Jones was in disbelief, wild with laughter and excitement.

“My biggest fear used to be — before cancer — dying without leaving anything. Dying before I have the chance to do the s–t I wanna do,” Jones said in the Kickstarter video. “So this would be my opus. This would be my legacy I’m leaving here. That’s it, you know? You just want to feel like you’re giving something to the universe. You wanna feel like you’re leaving something.”

Look for the Quincy Jones comedy special on HBO later this spring.

At Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care, we’re dedicated to helping patients receive excellent care and hope that you’ll be inspired to check off a few items on your bucket list, whether you’re struggling with cancer or not. To learn more about our cancer care services in Las Vegas, visit our website.


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