First U.S. Uterus Transplant Fails, Results in Hysterectomy

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uterus transplant surgeonIn November, we reported about a new clinical trial by Cleveland Clinic that would be transplanting donated uteruses to women that struggle with infertility. The first uterus was successfully transplanted in February.

Unfortunately, the first of 10 patients to receive a uterus transplant during the clinical trial with Cleveland Clinic had to have the uterus removed via hysterectomy due to an unspecified complication.

The 26-year-old woman, Lindsey, was told at the age of 16 that she would never be able to have biological children. She and her husband adopted three boys, but still wished to birth a child if possible. The complication caused her to undergo a hysterectomy has not been specified, and the circumstance is “under review” CNN reports.

The Trial Continues

However, there are nine more women scheduled to receive a uterus transplant for the U.S. clinical trial. After the transplant, the female must wait one year before in vitro to conceive, in order to give the uterus time to heal. After the first birth, the woman is allowed to try once more for a child. Should a woman birth two children, the uterus is then removed for good so that the mother no longer has to take immunosuppressant drugs, which have long-term risks.

Sweden had a successful clinical trial in the past, with nine transplants and only two were unsuccessful. Five of the women became pregnant, which resulted in four live births.

Seeing the development of this U.S. clinical trial will no doubt be interesting, as it’s on course to change infertility for many women. We at Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care hope that they’re successful in their second transplant and those that follow.

NVSCC specializes in hysterectomies and other gynecological procedures for women’s health, especially for cancer treatment. Visit our website to learn more about our services in Las Vegas.

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