Your FemiLift Questions Answered

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The field of anti-aging procedures just got better: FemiLift gives new confidence and sexual satisfaction in women who suffer from vaginal stretching and urinary incontinence.

What is FemiLift?

A painless, non-surgical procedure done in-office within minutes, FemiLift treats weakened vaginal canals. Dr. David Preskill says, “Using a laser vaginal probe, a single beam of light gets divided into pixels and releases energy into a grid pattern. To repair the treated tissue, the body then naturally produces collagen, which shrinks the vagina and stabilizes the urethra.” The patient experiences an increase in natural lubrication for more sexual satisfaction and minimizing of urinary incontinence.

Dr. Kowalski of NVSCC, the FemiLift expert in Las Vegas, says the procedure takes as little as five minutes. The patient feels no pain and needs no recovery time, leaving them free to resume normal activities immediately. Results are estimated to last a year or more before a touch up is needed.

Dr_Lynn_KowalskiWhat inspired Dr. Kowalski to start offering FemiLift?

As a gynecological oncologist, Dr. Kowalski has been serving the women of Las Vegas since 1998. Specializing in minimally invasive hysterectomy surgery and other gynecological cancers at NVSCC, Dr. Kowalski became interested in FemiLift because of the needs of her cancer patients.

For women who have undergone radiation and other cancer treatments, the body is often thrown prematurely into menopause. On top of struggling to survive cancer, women were also left with painful vaginal dryness and other unfavorable symptoms. Dr. Kowalski saw that FemiLift could be an alternative to hormone therapy for these patients.

FemiLift is for any woman who has felt a change in their vaginal health, from decreased feeling during intercourse, recurring infections and urinary incontinence. Now that FemiLift is available in Las Vegas, call Dr. Kowalski at 702-739-6467 to make a consultation appointment for your own FemiLift procedure. Visit to learn more.

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