Fast Facts about Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is often called the “silent killer” for its vague symptoms. This cancer usually goes undetected until it has spread to other organs and causes more severe symptoms. Unfortunately, ovarian cancer causes more deaths than any other cancers related to the female reproductive system. Read below for some quick facts about ovarian cancer.

Risk Factors for Ovarian Cancer

  • Age. Risk for ovarian cancer increases with age.
  • Obesity. An unhealthy BMI can contribute to cancer risk.
  • Breast Cancer. Formerly having breast cancer, or having a family history of ovarian or breast cancer can put you at greater risk.
  • Family History. Mentioned above, having a close relative like a sister or mother with ovarian cancer increases your chances of developing ovarian cancer. The risk is also higher with a history of colon cancer.
  • Genetic syndromes.
  • Cowden’s disease.
  • Hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer (Lynch syndrome).
  • Peutz-Jeghers syndrome.
  • MUTYH-associated polyposis.
  • Smoking. It’s a well-known fact that smoking causes a variety of health issues and multiple cancers.

For the best chance of preventing ovarian cancer, get screened yearly by your OB-GYN. Eat a diet of vegetables, fruits and proteins, and little to no processed foods or artificial sweeteners. Exercise at least three times a week to maintain a healthy body, and never hesitate to ask your doctor any questions you have about your gynecological health. To make an appointment with a gynecologic oncologist specializing in ovarian cancer, see Dr. Kowalski of NVSCC in Las Vegas. Learn about NVSCC’s services on our website or call 702-739-6467 to schedule a consultation.

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