A Cancer Patient Shares Her Story With NVSCC

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As Frances, a patient at NVSCC said, “No one intends to embark on a cancer journey.” But when an inevitable diagnosis happens, many have the immediate action of seeking a treatment center and a doctor that will guide them through the experience in an expert way. That’s why Frances Sharp sought out cancer care in Las Vegas through NVSCC. Through a referral and many recommendations, Frances met with Dr. Lynn Kowalski, where she says she “discovered a compassionate, confident, intelligent, physician with knowledgeable experience.”

Dr. Kowalski treated Frances for endometrial and uterine cancer, recommending a radical hysterectomy using robot-assisted surgery.

A radical hysterectomy means removing the uterus, tissues that hold the uterus in place in the pelvis and the cervix. The vagina is stitched up at the top, becoming a closed canal. Depending on need, the ovaries may or may not also be removed. Radical hysterectomies are most commonly performed when cancer is already present in the body.

Dr. Kowalski’s treatment included a type of less invasive surgery called robot assisted surgery. This means that the entire procedure is done with the help of robotic equipment like Da Vinci surgical systems. A more advanced technology than an abdominal cut or laparoscopic surgery, this system allows surgeons to control the robotic tools from outside the body, giving them full range of motion and a 3D view of the hysterectomy on a screen. Because of the smaller incisions and less invasive technique, patients can recover much faster and lose less blood.

A year later, Frances boasts that “The practice is exceptional, and has a unique approach to treating cancer, which ultimately enhances their patients’ lives.”

If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with a gynecological cancer, call NVSCC for a consultation to meet with Dr. Kowalski and our dedicated staff.

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