FemiLift Frequently Asked Questions

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Because the internet is the main resource for so much of today’s knowledge, it’s easy to get the facts wrong. You just can’t believe everything you read on the internet. FemiLift vaginal tightening, while a relatively new cosmetic procedure, has people questioning if this operation can be trusted, and how exactly it helps. NVSCC would like to share some FemiLift facts and address concerns you may have about this procedure.

What is FemiLift?

FemiLift’s vaginal tightening FDA-approved procedure takes five minutes in your doctor’s office. Dr. Lynn Kowalski of NVSCC uses a C02 laser, the same used on the face for rejuvenating facial skin and minimizing wrinkles. For women who’ve noticed changes in their vaginal health, whether by recurring infections, urinary incontinence or a decreased sensitivity during intercourse, FemiLift tightens the vaginal canal while promoting the growth of new tissues and mucosa. Women looking to regain confidence during daily activities and intimacy find great relief with the help of the FemiLift procedure.

Does FemiLift hurt?

No. The C02 laser uses thermal heat, but you won’t feel anything other than a bit of pressure from the laser wand. The minimally invasive treatment will have you out the door in about ten minutes and able to resume your day.

Why not do Kegel exercises instead?

Kegel exercises, or the squeezing and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, can only do so much to help you regain your vaginal health. FemiLift doesn’t just tighten the vaginal canal, it also prompts the vagina to renew its collagen and natural lubrication. For women with vaginal atrophy, such as breast cancer survivors and those in menopause, the vaginal walls are thinner and drier. Such symptoms of pain and infections cannot be treated merely with Kegel exercises. We very much recommend that if you do not already do Kegel exercises regularly, you should do them in accompaniment to your FemiLift procedure.

Millions of women experience uncomfortable symptoms like vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence everyday. FemiLift gives options to women who want a better quality of life with relief. To learn more about the FemiLift procedure in Las Vegas with Dr. Lynn Kowalski, visit http://www.drlynnkowalski.com/.

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