The Positives of a Hysterectomy

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Some women struggle with the thought of having a hysterectomy—a feeling of barrenness, the inability to have children or feeling like less of a woman than her peers. It’s common and normal to feel these thoughts, but it’s also okay to feel overjoyed at the thought of no more menstruation, cramping, leaking, or pregnancy scares. Some women feel completely liberated with their hysterectomy. Here’re a few reasons why.

The Positive Sides of a Hysterectomy

Saving money.

Women save up to $1,200 a year when they no longer have to buy pads, tampons, and underwear meant for menstruation days in case of leaks.

No more leak stress.

For women with heavy periods, that time of the month brought on a slew of anxieties like wearing white pants or cute underwear in case you got blood on them. Or sleeping on a towel because you’ve had too many experiences cleaning blood out of your sheets and mattress.

Carry the clutch.

Grab the tiny designer “special occasions” evening bag without having to worry about storing tampons and pads inside it.

Medical paperwork gets easier.

No more calculating when your last period was when you need to visit a doctor. You can proudly say, “not applicable” on the paperwork.

No more bloating.

You can retire the “Period Clothing” like loose fitting pants and stop buying Midol because the bloating is gone forever.

In fact, no more painful fibroid tumors or endometriosis. If you suffer from heavy periods and uterine pains due to these conditions, a hysterectomy can abolish these symptoms. Take back your life. One organ inside your body does not define who you are or all the things you do. You are no less of a woman without a uterus.

If you have been enduring months or years of uterine fibroids, endometriosis or a variety of other painful symptoms, contact Dr. Kowalski at NVSCC in Las Vegas to discuss your hysterectomy options.


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