Side Effects of FemiLift

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A vaginal tightening laser procedure called FemiLift has opened doors for women’s health. Just a few years ago, if a woman struggled with vaginal laxity or urinary incontinence, her options were to do Kegel exercises or have major surgery. Yet, Kegel exercises do little to nothing to relieve vaginal and pelvic floor laxity. So for women that could not have surgery or did not want surgery, there were no other options available for a variety of uncomfortable symptoms that come from vaginal atrophy.

Urinary incontinence plagues nearly half of all middle-aged women, limiting a woman’s confidence and physical mobility without pads, drugs or even diapers. For women that enter menopause, vaginal atrophy causes the vaginal to thin from lack of the hormone estrogen. Pair these together with no real solution but surgery, and many women suffer for years without being able to take action. The FemiLift vaginal tightening laser is the finally the answer women have been waiting for.

Does FemiLift Have Side Effects?

The side effects and risks of FemiLift are few. FemiLift uses a vaginal tightening laser, and precautions are already in place similar to laser protocol on other parts of the body. These include avoiding laser treatment around active infections and checking to ensure the patient is not taking a medication that may affect the healing process of laser treatment. Individuals with rare connective tissue disorders or those taking blood thinners should not have a vaginal tightening procedure.

There is a sterile one-time use, disposable cover over every FemiLift vaginal tightening laser wand to eliminate the risk of infection from the procedure. The wand supplies thermal heat to resurface and rejuvenate vaginal tissues and lubrication. Unlike facial laser treatments, the vaginal will not cause a peeling of skin. A vaginal tightening laser delivers less energy and will not burn the skin because the walls are thinner, and vaginal skin does not have melanin like facial skin. Because of these lower temperatures and lack of melanin, FemiLift’s vaginal tightening laser procedure is painless.

Results are excellent in healing vaginal atrophy and mild urinary incontinence. Patients note a difference within days after the first procedure. Considering options were non-existent, FemiLift is a breakthrough for all women.

Dr. Kowalski of Las Vegas brings hope to many women of the Las Vegas valley the opportunity to abolish painful and embarrassing symptoms with the help of FemiLift. Throw away the incontinence pads and make an appointment with Dr. Kowalski today at


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