FemiLift a Better Fix for Urinary Incontinence

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An uncomfortable issue that many women hide, urinary incontinence bupoise-impressa-product-thumbrdens millions of women daily. Women often stop their normal routine for fear of leaking during a sneeze, cough or even a workout at the gym. Today’s options for solving the problem? Few and far between. Women usually resort to wearing pads, bladder supports, even diapers.

Yet, FemiLift has been the most successful long-term solution for urinary incontinence in aging females. Why? Because it’s vaginal tightening laser restores youthful tissues and structure to the vagina and surrounding areas. Even better, it’s an alternative to major, costly surgery for reconstructing weakened pelvic and urethral tissues. FemiLift partnered with pelvic floor strengthening exercises allows women to put away the pads and diapers for good.

First step to treatment

First, you’ll want to talk with your doctor about your urinary incontinence so your doctor can understand the severity. For some women, they only notice leakage when they’re active like running or jumping, which is called stress incontinence. Other women have urge incontinence, meaning when they feel the urge to urinate, pee leaks out. FemiLift works best for mild incontinence, therefore as embarrassing as it may seem, your doctor should know the full extent of when and how you feel leakage.

Taking the next step

Should you be a candidate for FemiLift, three treatments of quick, five-minute sessions with your doctor spaced a few weeks apart each will help your incontinence symptoms. Women feel a difference after just one vaginal tightening laser treatment and increased satisfaction with each treatment afterward.

Ready to make an appointment? Call Dr. Kowalski’s office for FemiLift vaginal tightening laser treatment in Las Vegas.


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