May is Hysterectomy Awareness Month

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May 2016 marks the second annual Hysterectomy Awareness Month, founded only last year by The three women who created the Hysterectomy website want to help build connections between women and doctors for better awareness on treatment options and alternatives to hysterectomies.

The site shares countless personal stories from women who underwent their own surgery, as well as medical articles discussing health and wellness for women revolving around hysterectomy surgery, menopause and more. With the ability for women to submit their own stories, anyone may share their ups and downs, both physical and emotional after undergoing the procedure.

Becoming #HysterectomySmart

Founder Kathy Kelley wants women to become more #HysterectomySmart after a shocking poll in 2015 revealed that almost half of Americans do not know what a hysterectomy is, or what happens during the surgery that removes the uterus and other reproductive organs. “Many women feel embarrassed to talk with their friends or their doctors about their gynecologic health,” Kelley says. “Because treatment choices and alternatives continue to improve, we want women to feel empowered to ask questions and make confident decisions for better health outcomes.”

By promoting awareness of hysterectomies, the founders of hope to help women:

  • Learn more about their gynecological health
  • Get a second opinion from another doctor when recommended for a hysterectomy
  • Teach women about alternative treatments for fibroids and endometriosis
  • Learn about minimally invasive surgeries, such as laparoscopic and robot-assisted hysterectomies

If you are considering a hysterectomy, get the facts before you get surgery. Learn why being hysterectomy smart is so important this month by visiting

If you’re searching for a gynecological oncologist and hysterectomy expert in the Las Vegas valley, see Dr. Kowalski of Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care. Call for an appointment during May awareness month at 702-739-6467 to learn more about your health and treatment options.


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