Vaginal Tightening with FemiLift Gives Better Bladder Control and Sex

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Have you ever laughed so hard, you felt a little pee come out? How about during exercise, coughing, or sneezing? If so, you’re not alone.

Weakened pelvic floor muscles, combined with aging and childbirth, all contribute to urinary incontinence. After intercourse and childbirth, the vagina reverts back to its original size. Yet over time, pelvic floor muscles grow lax. These muscles control all areas: the urinary tract, vagina and anus. Women report their vagina feels saggy or loose. Aging and menopause also contribute to vaginal looseness and discomfort. Laxity causes involuntary incontinence and reduced sensation during intercourse.

What treatments are available?

There are many treatments available to solve all the issues you may have with your pelvic floor muscles. However, every woman and her needs are different, so it’s best to talk to your doctor to find out which of these treatments is best for you:

  • Vaginoplasty surgery
  • Temporary tightening gels
  • Kegel exercises
  • FemiLift vaginal tightening laser


A costly surgery that takes six weeks to heal from, vaginoplasty isn’t a convenient or cost effective solution. A surgeon shortens stretched muscles and reconstructs vaginal walls. You’ll be sore for a week or two. Risks include sores or erosions that may not heal, a feeling of numbness for weeks or months, bleeding or scarring and painful intercourse. It should be considered a last resort operation.

Tightening gels

Gels do not tighten the vagina at all. Instead, they give a tingling, heightened sensation during intercourse. Their effects will only last a few minutes.

Kegel exercises

Kegels are an exercise in which you tighten and release your pelvic muscles, just like working out your arms or abs. They assist in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, which help improve bladder and bowel incontinence. They may help improve sexual relations, but they cannot heal all vaginal damage from severe stretching like childbirth.

Why You Should Consider FemiLift Vaginal Tightening

FemiLift gives long lasting treatment without the cost, recovery, and pain of surgery. It’s the happy medium of all treatments available for vaginal looseness. How does it work? A vaginal tightening laser wand is inserted into the vagina. The laser emits thermal heat, encouraging new collagen and tissue growth. The plumpening and rejuvenation of tissues tightens the vaginal walls and produces more natural lubrication.

The treatment is painless. Women feel pressure from the wand, but the procedure takes as little as five to ten minutes. Your doctor will prescribe three treatments spaced about a month apart. After your FemiLift vaginal tightening, you’ll only have to wait 4 days until you resume sexual intercourse. Women report a noticeable improvement in their bladder control and increased sensation.

FemiLift Vaginal Tightening is Now Available in Las Vegas

After a successful run in the U.K., FemiLift has been approved for treatment in America. FemiLift vaginal tightening is now available in Las Vegas under the care of Dr. Lynn Kowalski of NVSCC. A long time resident of Las Vegas, Dr. Kowalski promotes women’s health awareness and strives to educate women on their options for vaginal health.

Take back control of your body. Regain confidence and pleasure. With FemiLift vaginal tightening laser treatment, it is possible. If you are interested in learning more about vaginal looseness and treatment options like FemiLift in Las Vegas, call Dr. Kowalski for an appointment.

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