Improve Your Sex Life with FemiLift Vaginal Tightening

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If you have given birth to a child, you can probably attest to the changes you felt when you were intimate again after childbirth. Things are just, well, different. For some women, the change isn’t too noticeable, and their body bounces back quickly. Yet, other women never feel the sexual satisfaction they once had.

Bodies Change with Age

Birthing a child naturally stretches the walls of the vagina, and as the female body ages, vaginal health is compromised more and more as the years pass. Vaginal walls thin with menopause, leading to decreased sensitivity, dryness and even painful intercourse.

While humans have made extraordinary strides in technology and health in the past 100 years, sadly, helping the health of the female vagina was not on the top of anyone’s list— until now. Gone are the days of doctors only encouraging Kegel exercises or major invasive surgery. Today, the FemiLift vaginal tightening laser rejuvenates and treats vaginal laxity within as little as five to ten minutes a session.

Sound too good to be true? Here are the facts:

  • FemiLift uses a thermal heat laser wand. Inserted into the vagina, the laser produces heat that’s painless to the patient.
  • The vaginal tightening laser invigorates collagen growth, firming and plumping vaginal walls while promoting natural lubrication production.
  • Patients resume normal life immediately with no side effects or pain, only a refrain from sexual intercourse for four days.
  • FemiLift does not have the risks that vaginoplasty presents (overtightening, numbness, infection or six-week recovery)
  • FemiLift also relieves mild urinary incontinence by building up the supportive tissue around the urethra.

Women don’t deserve to be unsatisfied sexually for the rest of their lives. If you are struggling with vaginal laxity, visit FemiLift expert Dr. Kowalski of NVSCC. FemiLift in Las Vegas is now available for women that want more. Get the help you deserve with FemiLift vaginal tightening in Las Vegas. Make an appointment with Dr. Kowalski at


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