A Breast Cancer Survivor Talks FemiLift

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A brave cancer survivor shared her story about overcoming breast cancer. One of the most common women’s cancers, the treatments take a toll on your body during its most vulnerable state. Caitlin, a young survivor, opened up about her experience with burned skin from chemotherapy, hair falling out, and her breasts changing forever in their look and feel. She was prepared emotionally for these changes.

Life After Chemotherapy and Cancer

However, she wasn’t braced for the effect chemotherapy would have on her vagina. Dryness, itching, burning, and excruciating vaginal intercourse all came as a shock to her. She says, “It was hard enough to adjust to the weird implants form surgery, thicker waistline, and hot flashes from hormone therapy, but a dry vagina, too? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Her doctor reported that women’s cancers and treatments force women into early menopause. How? The ovaries stop producing estrogen, leaving vaginal tissues in the canal to become thin and more fragile. Natural lubrication stops forming, and patients are left with itching, burning, and other uncomfortable symptoms, even urinary incontinence.

Caitlin, young and single, was particularly frightened about intercourse when she was experiencing symptoms for a “vagina that felt like 20 years my senior.” She managed to step back into the dating world, but only with plenty of lube at hand and going slow. Unsatisfied, Caitlin started to look for a long-term fix.

Better Sex with this Vaginal Tightening Procedure

The only treatments available for dry vagina were estrogen based lubricants or estrogen rings worn inside the vagina that can help moisten the area. Yet, because Caitlin’s cancer was sensitive to estrogen and could be harmful to her, these options were not even possible.

She gained hope when she discovered the FemiLift procedure, a vaginal tightening laser that restores tightness, lubrication, and healthy tissue to the vaginal canal. The 2011 FDA approved laser wand inserts into the vagina, using thermal heat. Tissues restore, encouraging the production of lubrication. FemiLift vaginal tightening laser “produces more collagen and [the vagina] becomes tighter, thicker, stronger and more hydrated.”

One of the greatest things about the FemiLift procedure? There’s no pain. “The inside of the vagina does not have nerve endings the way the outside— like the clitoris and vaginal skin does,” Dr. Eskandar J. Simhaee says. The ten-minute procedure is pain-free with no anesthesia needed.

Patients need only refrain from intercourse for four days after their FemiLift procedure, but they can resume exercise and normal everyday life pretty immediately. 

For patients with women’s cancers like breast and ovarian, FemiLift makes for a much-needed life-raft. Dr. Kowalski of NVSCC is now performing FemiLift in Las Vegas, and with a particular passion for helping cancer survivors, she hopes FemiLift vaginal tightening lasers can open up new doors of opportunity for women to regain confidence and enjoyment in life. Make an appointment for yourself to try FemiLift.


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