FemiLift Treatments Explained [Video]

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Ever wondered what Dr. Kowalski’s patients have to say about their FemiLift treatment? Dr. Lynn Kowalski weighs in on the practical nature of the vaginal tightening laser, talks with a patient that has undergone two treatments, and talks about what to expect during the FemiLift procedure.

“The FemiLift procedure is this new office procedure that we’re offering. It is for vaginal regeneration. As a cancer doctor, I’ve had a lot of cancer patients over the years that, thankfully, I’ve been able to cure, but as their life goes on, the cancer treatment has affected their quality of life. They’re having trouble with their sex life, they have pain with intercourse, they have dryness, they have effects of the [cancer] treatment.”
What is the vaginal tightening laser?

“Basically, the FemiLift is an in-office, painless laser procedure that we’re using to treat vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and vaginal laxity.”

“People are describing benefits within a few days. Basically seeing almost immediate benefits. We’re noticing after the second treatment women are giving me fabulous feedback. So, huge differences in their sex life; they’re telling me that even their partners are feeling a difference. They’re feeling more confident, they’re just feeling better about themselves; more self-esteem.”

Patient Testimonial for Las Vegas FemiLift Procedure

One patient shared her experience after two treatments: “I was just going, I can’t wait to get my third one! [I experience] more pleasure, more relaxation and [am] feeling more confident. Not having to dread sex, which is something that I don’t think any woman wants to go through. I can finally just be myself and not have to worry about okay, what am I going to have to do now? It’s just changed my life.”

FemiLift uses thermal heat technology inside the vaginal canal using a wand. The laser treatment encourages new tissue growth, collagen, and lubrication production. This firms the vagina, making sex more pleasurable, and even curing mild urinary incontinence.

FemiLift Success

Still not sold on the idea of a vaginal tightening laser procedure? Dr. Kowalski explains the best benefits of all.

“Essentially there’s no recovery period. We can do the procedure, and our patient can walk out of the office with a smile on her face and go on about her day. What’s been great about this procedure is we found out it’s essentially painless. We can do it in the office; we don’t have to use any anesthesia. Generally, women are able to talk to me through the procedure they don’t have any significant discomfort. They might feel a little electrical impulse or a little pinch almost, but I have some patients who feel no pain or no symptoms whatsoever.”

“I think what’s really important about this procedure is it’s something that can be done in the office. In the past, a lot of women have turned to hormones or other types of procedures to get the same effect. In this way, we are literally harnessing the energy of the laser to directly stimulate the vaginal lining. So this is an alternative that is safe, that is easy, that does not involve any medication at all.”

Dr. Kowalski is now accepting new patients in Las Vegas for FemiLift procedures. For a safe, effective treatment that has proven results, regain your confidence and pleasure with FemiLift.

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