Sex After FemiLift Treatment

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If you’ve undergone your first FemiLift treatment, you may be anxious and excited to see if sex will feel differently or have improved after your vaginal tightening laser procedure, especially if you avoided sex for a long time due to pain and dryness. We share some tips on how to make the most from intimacy after FemiLift.

Tips for Better Sex After FemiLift

Follow doctor’s orders

If you’ve just had the FemiLift treatment and want to experience the FemiLift before and after effect, remember to wait for at least four days before resuming intercourse with your partner.  

Supplement with lubricant

The FemiLift vaginal tightening laser therapy will help your body produce more natural lubrication, but we recommend supplementing with other lubrication to guarantee you’re not in pain or have any rough or dry feeling. Have some by the bed, ready to go while you’re in the moment together.

Be open with your partner

Sex should be enjoyable for a woman. If a position, speed, or movement doesn’t feel comfortable, let your partner know right away and offer an alternative solution. Your partner will want to make you comfortable and relaxed, but may not know exactly how, so talking through things openly as you go will make sure you both have a great experience.

Get some exercise

Need an extra boost of confidence? Take a walk together with your partner, start a new exercise routine or class. Not only will you feel the difference that FemiLift can make on your vaginal health, but improve your overall health as well, making you feel more attractive and ready to be intimate again.

Practice makes perfect

Just like learning to play the piano, or staying in shape, intimacy takes practice. Make the most of trying toys, lubricants and different positions, and don’t be shy with your partner. FemiLift is the helping hand that can allow you to enjoy sex again, so make the most of it!

If you’re ready for a more fulfilling, enjoyable sex life, discuss FemiLift with your local doctor. Dr. Kowalski of NVSCC in Las Vegas proudly serves women looking to experience a tighter, healthier vagina through minimally invasive, painless treatments with the help of the vaginal tightening laser wand, FemiLift. Experience the possibilities of better sex with the help of FemiLift.

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