Women’s Health: Getting Through Night Sweats During Menopause

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If you are one of millions of women enduring hot flashes from menopause this summer, you know that night sweats can be a brutal side effect as your health changes during this time. Night sweats are brought on by surgical removal of the ovaries via hysterectomy, or from natural aging because your body stops producing estrogen.

But what can you do to get through these hot summer nights? There are a few changes you can make that will provide some relief, allow you to get some rest and change your soaked sheets less.

How to Stop Night Sweats

  • Cut back on alcohol, as it can contribute to excess sweating
  • Change your diet, cutting back on sugar and processed foods
  • Exercise four to five times a week, even if it’s just taking a walk around the block
  • Wear sunscreen whenever outside to protect from sunburn and other sun damage
  • Take vitamins and supplements recommended by your doctor

Dr. Ford, a family physician, recommends staying away from night sweat triggers like caffeine, spicy foods and cigarettes as well.

Most night sweats are not serious, and shouldn’t cause too much concern. But if they last more than a week, get checked by a doctor. “Almost all causes of night sweats are treatable,” Dr. Ford says. So if following the advice above still isn’t helping, ask your doctor about other night sweat treatments available.

While it doesn’t matter how ice cold you’ve cranked the A/C, your body will still produce night sweats while you go through menopause. The silver lining? They will subside. “The majority of women who experience night sweats find that they go away within a few years,” Dr. Ford reports. In the meantime, consult your doctor about ways to lessen the severity of this transition.

If you are noticing menopause symptoms after a hysterectomy or you’re at the age of natural menopause, consult Dr. Lynn Kowalski, women’s health doctor in Las Vegas. At NVSCC, Dr. Kowalski provides women with expert advice and care.


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