Men: Support Your Partner during FemiLift Treatments

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Does your wife or partner seem diminished in her self-confidence as she’s aged, or especially after she gave birth? Does your sex life leave something to be desired? Perhaps your partner doesn’t enjoy sex, and it feels different for both of you after she’s passed into menopause or since she had a baby. Millions of women experience vaginal laxity, dryness, and pain after life’s milestones like childbirth, natural aging, and even chemotherapy.

But, your sexual relationship doesn’t have to change or wane away. A minimally invasive laser treatment called FemiLift alleviates vaginal laxity and stimulates collagen and lubrication production.

How Does FemiLift Help My Partner?

FemiLift vaginal tightening laser treatment uses thermal heat to renew and tighten vaginal tissue. How? A wand-like laser device is inserted into the vagina which expels heat. The procedure is painless for your partner, and many women report it’s even more comfortable than their pap smears. The procedure takes about 10 minutes.

Your partner won’t need a ride home or any recovery time. This minimally invasive treatment doesn’t require downtime to heal. Your partner will be able to resume normal activities right away. The only thing she’ll need to do is refrain from tampon use and sexual intercourse for four to seven days after her treatment.

What Happens Next?

Your partner should feel a pretty immediate difference in their vaginal laxity. Many women report the vaginal tightening laser treatment also helps with their bladder urge or urinary incontinence. When the time is right and you are intimate, do you notice a difference? Does your partner seem more confident? Does she enjoy herself more? The goal of FemiLift treatments is to give back women all these things.

What can you do to help?

  • Learn what they’re going through. Learn more about vaginal laxity, why it happens, and the effect it can have on women’s confidence and comfort.
  • Do the research yourself. Read about FemiLift, how the treatments work, and how they can help your lover.
  • Support your partner. Let your spouse or partner know about FemiLift as an option, if they haven’t already heard of the treatment. Make the decision together whether to try FemiLift and experience the benefits. Chances are, they’ll really appreciate that you support them and want to help.
  • Join them at the appointment. If they feel comfortable, ask the doctor your own questions, and learn more about what to expect after the treatments.

Making an Appointment for Femilift

The first step towards learning more about whether FemiLift is right for you and your partner, make an appointment with a licensed physician. Dr. Lynn Kowalski of Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides the FemiLift service and accepts new patients. Read more about FemiLift vaginal tightening and its benefits. Start your new journey together.


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