Why You Should Consider Genetic Testing for Cancer

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Genetic Testing Video from DunnRite Productions on Vimeo.

Dr. Kowalski and her team at Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care perform hysterectomies for both women who voluntarily want the surgery, and for women who were diagnosed with certain cancers. Many of these procedures occur as a last effort to treat cancer. However, there is a way you can act sooner to maintain your good health. Genetic testing can help identify any risk early on.

What is genetic testing?

Often, genetic testing is used for when people want to know more information about their ethnic heritage or their risk for illnesses like diabetes. However, the genetic testing we perform here at Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care is different. Our genetic testing screens you for any type of cancers that reside in your DNA. Many cancers are hereditary. So, at times, with genetic testing, you can catch the trait earlier, and do something about it.

Dr. Lynn Kowalski states, “We want people to come in and get the counseling and get the testing, so that we can take action sooner, rather than later. I say we’d always rather prevent a cancer than treat a cancer.” With genetic testing, you can learn many things about any cancers that may have been passed down to you. And our doctors can do something about it.

How can genetic testing help me?

Genetic testing can help people who have a family history of certain cancers, or people who may be concerned about their possible risk. Once you get tested, you can either rest knowing the trait was not passed down to you, or you can begin making a plan for treatment with your doctor early on.

A patient of Dr. Kowalski’s recommends genetic testing to other patients:

“Without genetic testing, I don’t have the information… I’m just waiting around to see

what’s going to happen to me… If somebody said to you, ‘You’ve got this really great car. Everything on it is fabulous. But the tires, [there’s an] 80% chance they’re going to blow on you.’ Would you keep driving around on those tires? Or would you say, ‘Hey, you know what? I might get a new set of tires or replace them and adjust them so I can go on and drive and have a great rest of my life.’ And I kind of view genetic testing the same way.”

Genetic testing from our Las Vegas cancer center can help you find out what condition your body is in, and make a plan for anything unexpected.

Visit Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care

Dr. Kowalski and her team of specialists make sure you are visiting the most reputable comprehensive cancer center Las Vegas has to offer. Contact us to learn more about our genetic testing. We are available to test both men and women. We want you to learn about any possible risk, so we can take the steps to treat you as early as possible.

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