Women Share Their Struggles with Urinary Incontinence

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As women age, many find themselves struggling with symptoms of urinary incontinence. This condition is the inability to hold your urine in the bladder. Involuntary leakage sometimes occurs when women laugh, sneeze or cough. Although uncomfortable, women suffering this condition should speak up to a specialist to find a solution. Read some stories from women suffering from frequent urination, and learn how the FemiLift vaginal lightening laser can help.

Women Share Stories of Urinary Incontinence

Post-Hysterectomy Issues

Our first story comes from a woman who only noticed issues with her bladder after her hysterectomy surgery. She had to go to the bathroom often within each hour. women share stories about urinary incontinenceShe even took a change of clothes to work with her, after the fear of having a leak in her workplace. Urinary incontinence also had an effect on her intimacy with her husband.

Stopping during the Commute to Work

Another patient, age 57, suffered from urinary frequency. She wore pads to protect her clothing, but they did not help as much as she needed them to. During her 45-minute commute to work, she often found herself stopping at gas stations to use the restroom.

Frequent Interruptions

The third patient used to have issues with urinary frequency as a child, and as an adult, she still had similar issues. She felt the need to go to the bathroom 10 to 12 times a day and got up frequently during the middle of the night. She received prescriptions from her urologist, but none had lasting results.

Get Help from the New FemiLift Procedure!

FemiLift is a new procedure that can help with many aspects of female health, including urinary incontinence. Contact Dr. Kowalski and her team of specialists to discover how our vaginal laser treatment can help solve your issues with urinary incontinence, improve your sex life and your overall vaginal health!

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