FemiLift: Rejuvenating the Life of a Housewife

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If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of New York City, you know recently, one of the wives underwent the FemiLift procedure. Sonja Morgan had concerns about her sexual health and the condition of her vaginal tissue, so she decided it was time to look into this new procedure for vaginal rejuvenation. Although the topic of vaginal tightening is still a little taboo and uncomfortable for some women to talk about, Sonja brings the procedure to light. Learn more about FemiLift and how this procedure can benefit housewives on and off the silver screen.

The Benefits of the FemiLift Procedure

Sonja Morgan undergoes FemiLift vaginal tighteningIn the recent Housewives episode, Sonja mentions how important sexual health is to her. Over time, vaginal tissue loses strength and may become more fragile, causing urinary incontinence or discomfort during intercourse. This is due to pregnancy, menopause, or some cancer treatments. Doctors may recommend Kegel exercises, but these may not have lasting results.

For women like Sonja who want to reverse the effects of wear and tear on the vaginal walls, FemiLift can help. Depending on various concerns and conditions, many women qualify for the procedure. The vaginal tightening laser procedure is done in-office, takes only about 15 minutes and does not cause the patient any pain.

Only specialists in gynecology have access to this advanced technology, so you can be sure an experienced specialist will perform it for you. To get maximum benefits, you will need to come in for at least three treatments, but you will start feeling the results after just one visit. And after the procedure, you can go back to normal daily activities right away.

Women (housewives and working women alike) find great results from the FemiLift vaginal tightening procedure. The laser tightens the vaginal walls, allowing for a rejuvenated sex life and less incontinence.

Contact Us to Get Started

Dr. Kowalski is one of the first specialists in Southern Nevada to offer the FemiLift procedure for vaginal rejuvenation. Contact us to schedule a consultation and see how your quality of life can be rejuvenated.


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