Sex Later in Life has Benefits for Women’s Health

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Just because your body has experienced menopause doesn’t mean your sex life has to end! There are many benefits of sex after menopause, especially for women. Learn about the women’s health benefits of sex and find out how FemiLift can improve your sex life today.

Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

Overall Health Benefitsbenefits of sex after 50

Sex can benefit women over 50 in countless ways. A recent study showed frequent sex could lower blood pressure in stressful situations, like public speaking or dealing with work-related stress.

Other benefits of sex include a higher level of the antibody immunoglobulin in the body. This antibody protects you against infection and can reduce your risk of getting sick. An increased sexual desire in women can also reduce your risk of a fatal heart attack and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which helps you better control your bladder.

Helping You Relax

When a woman has an orgasm during sexual intercourse, her body releases the hormones, oxytocin and endorphins, which can relieve pain. Releasing these hormones can help reduce pain associated with arthritis, headaches, and other conditions that occur with old age.

A healthy sex life can also promote better sleep, which assists with maintaining a healthy weight and lowering blood pressure. Women who do not have frequent sex (or women who do not enjoy the sex they’re having) are more prone to trying other methods of reducing stress, like smoking or taking prescription drugs.

Let FemiLift Rejuvenate Your Sex Life

The FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation procedure works to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and improve your sex life after childbirth and menopause. Reap the benefits of sex after 50 and schedule your FemiLift procedure today!


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