I Survived Cancer. Now What?

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After a person receives a diagnosis for gynecologic cancers or starts chemotherapy, they may get a flood of information and support from their doctors, support groups, friends and family. But what too many people do is believe the journey is over when you go into remission. Here are some tips for cancer survivors on what to do after treatment is complete.

What is life like after chemotherapy?

Although cancer survivors are said to be free of cancer cells, there are still many medical issues that cause discomfort after treatment. Many patients still have concerns about chronic pain, brain changes, digestive problems, changes in mood, weight loss or gain, infertility and risk of cancer recurrence or development of new cancers. Here are some tips on how to deal with the physical and emotional effects of cancer.

Tips for Life after Gynecologic Cancers

cancer survivor tipsOne of the first things you can do to get back your life after cancer is trying physical or occupational therapy. These are great ways to retrain your body after cancer treatment. You can discuss problem areas with your therapist and focus your energy on getting your motion and health back.

Another tip is to know and use your resources. Depending on your concerns, you can talk to healthcare social workers, support groups online or in person, mental health professionals or hospital counselors. These people are trained to help patients in your situation. They can be of support even after treatment is over.

In addition to finding support in professionals, learn how to survive cancer emotionally. Stay in contact with your family and friends. These people know you best and can offer their love and comfort if you start to feel depressed or worried. While you receive support, listen to your body. If you’re showing any signs or symptoms of cancer recurrence, don’t ignore them. Communicate with your doctor often to inquire about any changes in your body.

Cancer Care and More

The staff at Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care is here for you. After gynecologic cancers, stay positive and enjoy your new outlook on life. And, if you have any concerns about yourself or a family member, get information on our cancer screenings today.


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