Cancer Diagnosis Shouldn’t Put a Damper on Your Relationship

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When a loved one is given a cancer diagnosis, the whole family is affected, including their partner. However, the romance doesn’t have to suffer if you’re planning or undergoing cancer treatments. Check out these tips for keeping a relationship strong during the journey.

Coping with Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Emotional Stages of Cancer Diagnosis

tips for couples after cancer diagnosisAfter a cancer diagnosis, you’re sure to be experiencing a flood of different emotions. First, you may be trying to accept the changes in your body. If you have cancer, intimacy may be difficult because your body isn’t working the way it used to.

Depending on the kind of cancer and its treatment, your body will change. For instance, gynecologic cancers that result in a hysterectomy can bring on early menopause, vaginal dryness or changes in libido. Discuss your concerns with your doctor. They can suggest assistance options, like the FemiLift procedure to bring back your sexual feeling.

A cancer diagnosis may also bring about anxiety. You may now have issues with your body image since you’re going through changes. Treatments for a mastectomy or symptoms like weight loss or hair loss can affect a patient’s self-esteem.

Dealing with Cancer in the Family

When supporting someone with cancer, communication is key. Have a conversation about how the two of you are feeling when you are both relaxed and comfortable. Be active listeners, which means you should focus on what is being said and give your partner time to finish expressing feelings. Practice honesty and kindness with each other.

If sexual intercourse is uncomfortable or not possible, you can find new ways to be intimate. Cuddle with each other or hold hands while you walk together. Emotional intimacy can help create a sense of support each partner needs during this difficult time. Also, try new hobbies together, like cooking or knitting for a fun experience. Getting couples’ massages or trying yoga together can work to help reduce the stress you may feel.

We’re Here to Assist You

Here at Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care, we’ve got resources to help you before, during and after a cancer diagnosis. Contact us with any concerns you have about the cancer treatment process and we’ll lead you in the right direction.


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