The Benefits of Egg Freezing before Cancer Treatment

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Getting a cancer diagnosis is probably one of the scariest things that can happen to a person. It can affect many aspects of their life, including their fertility. Luckily, there’s always help. Discover how egg freezing can provide fertility preservation for cancer patients before starting a cancer treatment plan.

How Cancer Treatment Can Affect Reproductive Organs

Cancer treatment can sometimes harm a patient’s fertility often causing sterility. It all depends on the type of cancer, the type of treatment, the stage of cancer and your age at the time of treatment. Gynecologic cancers that require hysterectomy surgery will remove the ovaries or uterus and thus, affect fertility. Many cancer treatments, especially those that require chemotherapy and radiation, can also affect a woman’s eggs, hormone levels, ovaries, uterus or cervix. Some conditions can start premature menopause.

egg freezing before cancer treatmentFertility Preservation for Cancer Patients

Despite your cancer treatment’s negative side effects, there are many steps you can take beforehand to preserve your fertility. Egg freezing and embryo freezing allow you to save healthy reproductive cells until there’s a better time for you to become pregnant.

Freezing eggs before chemotherapy is an option many women choose. During the process of egg freezing, your reproductive specialist will collect healthy eggs, freeze them and store them for an indefinite time. Embryo freezing takes one extra step. Your specialist will collect your eggs, but before freezing them, he or she will fertilize your eggs with the sperm from your male partner or a sperm donor.

These frozen eggs or embryos can be used later when you’d like to become pregnant, or after cancer treatment is complete. If you are unable to carry a baby after cancer treatment, you still have the option to transfer your embryos to a surrogate who will carry the pregnancy for you.

Consult a Specialist to Learn Your Options

Our specialists at Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care have all the resources you need to create a cancer treatment plan that works best for you. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your options.


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