How Does Obesity Affect Your Risk for Gynecologic Cancers?

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Over 68% of Americans are considered overweight or obese. As shocking as that statistic is, it isn’t really surprising. Americans serve and eat large portions of food, and we’re obsessed with fast food services. This overeating and a lack of exercise can negatively affect the body, including increasing your cancer risk.

How does being overweight affect one’s risk of cancer?

Correlation between obesity and cancer

Researchers and doctors have been studying the relationship between obesity and cancer. Studies show obesity can increase a patient’s uterine cancer risk by 70%. The majority of uterine cancer diagnoses are caused by excess body fat. According to research, this excess body fat creates a great environment for cancer cells to grow.

When your body is overweight, it’s also high in insulin, estrogen, and inflammation. The excess of these materials in the body can make endometrial cancer and other gynecologic cancers more likely to occur. The soft, inflamed environment allows cancer cells to live and grow.

cancer-risk-obesityHow to reduce your risk

Healthy women with a lean and in-shape body are less likely to get gynecologic cancers. The best steps you can take to avoid your cancer risk and lose weight are relatively simple: eat right and exercise often.

Staying active helps you melt existing fat on your body, and it can help boost your self-confidence. Eating the right amount of healthy proteins and vegetables puts the right stuff in your body. A good diet can improve many aspects in your life, in addition to reducing your cancer risk.

Get Your Cancer Screening

Here at Nevada Surgery & Cancer Care, we are on a mission to catch cancer as early as possible. The earlier you catch it, the easier it will be to create a successful treatment plan. Schedule your cancer screening today to see if you are at risk for certain cancers.


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