All You Need to Know about FemiLift

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Do you suffer from pain or discomfort during intercourse? Do you sometimes lose control of your bladder when you laugh, sneeze, or cough? Certain things can cause changes in a woman’s body. Luckily, the FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation procedure can help improve your life.

What Is FemiLift?about the vaginal rejuvenation procedure

FemiLift is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that provides assistance for women who have experienced issues related to childbirth, menopause, and urinary incontinence. The vaginal tightening laser helps improve vaginal dryness, pain or discomfort during intercourse, and sudden loss of bladder control. The procedure is quick and painless, with lasting results.

FemiLift before and after

Women consult a specialist about the FemiLift procedure for a variety of reasons. In older women, menopause causes a loss of hormones, which can, in turn, create vaginal dryness and discomfort or pain during intercourse. Also, childbirth and delivery stretch the vagina, causing a loss of tone or a change in sensation during sex. It can also cause loss of bladder control when laughing, coughing, sneezing, or exercising.

After undergoing the FemiLift procedure, women gain new self-esteem and confidence. During the procedure, the Alma CO2 laser applies thermal energy to the vaginal canal and revitalizes it. The FemiLift works to tighten the pelvic floor muscles and lubricate the vaginal canal. FemiLift results include relief from urinary incontinence and improved sexual feeling.

How long does FemiLift last?

The vaginal rejuvenation procedure is a five- minute procedure in your doctor’s office. It does not require anesthesia, and patients do not have any downtime afterward. Women usually return to work right after.

Despite its short procedure time, FemiLift creates long term results. Many women also feel improvement after just the first cycle of treatment.

To learn more about FemiLift, visit Dr. Lynn Kowalski. During a consultation, we can determine if you make a good candidate for the vaginal tightening procedure.

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