Safe Sex after Your FemiLift Procedure

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Many women experience vaginal laxity after childbirth and other changes in their body. This uncomfortable condition can have a negative effect on a woman’s sexual sensation, causing them to turn to the Femilift procedure. Learn all about the recovery period of vaginal rejuvenation and how you can return to having safe sex.

Getting the Vaginal Rejuvenation Proceduresafe sex after femilift procedure

The FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation procedure uses a CO2 laser to activate the production of collagen in the vaginal canal. This collagen production can help tighten any vaginal looseness and it can help relieve vaginal dryness that results from childbirth, weight gain, menopause, etc. The FemiLift procedure is a quick, painless one, lasting only about 15 minutes.

Most women visit their doctor for three cycles of treatment about four weeks apart to get the best FemiLift results. Fortunately, many women see improvement after just one cycle. Each woman is different, though, so it’s best to talk to your doctor about how many treatments you need depending on your condition of vaginal laxity.

Resuming Safe Sex after FemiLift

Women can return to their regular daily activities immediately after the FemiLift. However, doctors will recommend women do not use a tampon or have sex within three days after the appointment.

After undergoing vaginal rejuvenation, women will start to feel enhanced vaginal tone, which can improve lubrication and sexual stimulation. FemiLift also reduces symptoms of urinary incontinence.

The best thing you can do after FemiLift is to follow your doctor’s specific instructions for you. It may be recommended to perform Kegel exercises in between treatment, as this exercise can help facilitate vaginal tightening. If you follow the doctor’s orders and get the recommended number of treatments, results are long-lasting, showing improvement for years.

When can I start having sex after FemiLift?

The noninvasive FemiLift procedure does not require any down time, but only recommends you wait three days to have sex. After those three days, your body will have adjusted to the vaginal tightening laser treatment, and you can resume sexual activity as normal. Just make sure to take things slow and communicate how you feel with your partner.

If you’re curious about whether or not the FemiLift procedure is right for you, contact Dr. Lynn Kowalski. She and her staff are standing by to answer any questions you have about the procedure and how you can rejuvenate a healthy sex life.

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