What Makes the FemiLift Procedure So Fast and Easy?

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Something is lighting up the vaginal rejuvenation industry. No, we mean literally lighting up. Lasers are becoming the go-to treatment option for women experiencing negative side effects of aging, childbirth, and obesity down under. FemiLift benefits are extensive. But even better, the procedure itself is fast and easy. Discover why this non-surgical, anaesthesia and downtime-free procedure is sweeping into several women’s bedrooms.

FemiLift Benefits: Fast and Easy

Non-invasive, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation

Several vaginal rejuvenation and FemiLift doctors agree that the only way to get better results from your procedure is to go under an intense surgery. A non-invasive procedure means doctors don’t cut into your body. As you know, incisions leave you open to the femilift-benefits-couple-on-bikepossibility of dangerous infections. Fortunately, however, since doctors insert a CO2 laser directly into the vaginal cavity, FemiLift side effects do not include a high risk of infection.

The only safer alternative is a pill dubbed the “female viagra.” However, the pill has not been proven to revitalize female sexual arousal or strengthen the pelvic floor. It’s important to remember, not all women seeking vaginal rejuvenation are simply looking to improve their sex lives. In fact, 25% of women experience weak pelvic floors resulting in urinary incontinence, uncomfortable muscle spasms, and more.

No use of anaesthesia

FemiLift doctors don’t administer anesthetic because the procedure is pain-free and does not involve incisions. Not all vaginal rejuvenation in Las Vegas or anywhere can promise that. Anaesthesia presents another set of potentially dangerous side effects. FemiLift benefits patients by eliminating the unnecessary cost and safety hazards of anesthetic.

Return to regular activity after your treatment

FemiLift benefits clients who are on a tight schedule. Women can have their FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation in Las Vegas done during their lunch break from work. The procedure is about five minutes long and since it doesn’t involve anesthesia or incisions, you’re free to go about your day afterward. Several FemiLift testimonials point to the discrete nature of the procedure as one of their favorite qualities.

FemiLift Vaginal Rejuvenation in Las Vegas

Are you ready to spice up your sex life? Contact Dr. Lynn Kowalski for a consultation regarding the FemiLift procedure.


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