Weird Things No One Tells You after Childbirth

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Everyone will always give you advice on what to do to have a smooth nine-month pregnancy, but do they ever give you advice for handling what happens after you give birth? A new mom may not be prepared for the after childbirth body changes that occur to them. If you are about to give birth or you just gave birth, here are some things that people tend to leave out when giving you pregnancy advice.

The Weird Things No One Tells You after Childbirth

Yes, bearing a child is a miraculous event in a woman’s life but there isn’t any that tells you about what happens after the nine months of carrying your baby. The body of a new mommy will go through so many changes that they may have never imagined would happen to them. Here are some examples of changes that mommies to be should look forward to once their bundle of joy is born.

Bye, bye lush hair

While you were pregnant, you may have experienced strong nails and hair growth due to your prenatal vitamins. But once your baby is born, get ready to shed more than your housecat. During your pregnancy, your estrogen levels were high and that prolonged the hair from falling out. Now that the hormone levels are returning to their normal levels, the hair shedding is returning to its normal rate and in six months, your hair loss and growth will return to the same rate it was before you were pregnant.

No, your hair loss will not result in you becoming bald, so there is no need for you to rush out to buy a wig soon. It is something that is normal for a new mommy.

Try these cures to help with the hair loss:

  • Choose Organic: When looking for shampoo and conditioner, read the labels first and try to buy shampoo and conditioners that contain fewer chemicals and contain organic ingredients that can strengthen your hair and not strip it of its natural oils.
  • Take some vitamins: Getting Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C in your diet is a great way to reduce hair loss. Orange Juice anyone?
  • Herbal Solutions: Try getting Aloe Vera onto your scalp to help with the hair loss. Another good herb to apply to your scalp is Amla powder, which is also known as the Indian gooseberry.

You will still look pregnant, even days after giving birth

Sure, celebrities make it look so easy when they have given birth one day, and the next day, their bodies are back to the way they were before they were pregnant. For real world moms, it may take some time to get back to your normal body shape. The abdominal muscles are in the beginning stages of going back to the original size, which can take some time after giving birth. It is good to remember not to rush back into the gym after giving birth, give yourself six weeks after you gave birth to head back into your regular workout routine. Try these workouts when you are ready to get your baby weight off.

You may never be normal down there again

The area that is hit the hardest after your child is born is, of course, your vaginal region. If you went through giving birth naturally and not a C-section procedure, your vagina would have some damage even after giving birth.

Here are some examples of what happen after childbirth:

  • Your vagina will be larger at first, but it will return to its normal muscle strength after some time.
  • You will experience vaginal gas more frequently than you did before.
  • You will lose lubrication in your vagina when you begin to have sex again.

There are solutions to help with these vaginal effects after childbirth. One solution is the FemiLift, a quick and pain-free procedure that uses high-precision Alma CO2 laser to apply thermal energy to the vagina and assists in vaginal mucosa revitalization, resulting in a tightening and lubricating effect. It takes about five minutes and doesn’t require anesthesia!

Ready to Give FemiLift a Try?

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